Big Boss Drama – Contestants gang up against Andy

Continuing the uncertain decisions made by inmates of Big Boss house during the last elimination, most of the participants conveniently ganged up on Andy, nominating his name. This irked Andy like no other as people like Kushal, Kamya and Pathyusha were a part of the list who nominated him. While Tanisha tried to counsel Andy about the situation, Armaan Kohli was prompt enough to jump into the scene and get into an argument her to snap it. Clearly, despite all the peace making efforts by Salman Khan, Armaan still nurses animosity against Andy because of previous confrontations inside the house.

Adding a little respite to the rising tension, contestant Ellie received a surprise from Big Boss on account of her signing a new film. The surprise happened to be her parents, much to her delight. Ellie’s parents expressed pride over their daughter’s prudent behavior inside the house and asked her to be the same way all through.

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