Big B Rides a Tractor!

He is a Bollywood megastar with millions in the bank but Amitabh Bachchan recently took a rare day off from his high-flying lifestyle to toil in his fields at home in Uttar Pradesh.

After registering himself as a seedgrower, the 68-year-old decided to participate in the process himself.

Taking time out during visit to Lucknow to participate in a marriage yesterday, the actor accompanied by wife Jaya Bachchan toured their six hectare agricultural land in Muzaffarnagar village of Lucknow district.

Big B rode a tractor and levelled the field before sowing seeds.

"My first visit to the land that we had bought recently. Its nothing large and expansiv but it is our registered land and there is a wonderful feel to it…And the
land that I till.. soo enthusiastic and loving every moment of it," wrote Bachchan on his blog.

The land has three accounts where Amitabh owns 2.5 hectares, Abhishek 1.2 hectares and Jaya Bachchan 2.4 hectares.

The veteran however was not pleased with the untimely rain which hampered tilling.

"Due to untimely rains I am facing problem in sowing of wheat seeds in my field. In case of more rains the entire crop will be destroyed," he tweeted.

The superstar, his wife Jaya Bachchan and actor son Abhishek Bachchan recently registered themselves as seedgrowers with UP Seed Development Corporation (UPSDC), a public sector undertaking to enhance farm output in Uttar

The Bachchan family will sell the wheat seeds they produce to the corporation in March next year.

As part of the Seed Village Programme, the corporation buys the crop from seedgrowers as raw seed at a price little higher than the minimum support price announced by the centre.(PTI)

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