Big B made Kangana Ranaut Cry

Big B makes Kangana Cry
Big B Makes Kangana Ranaut Cry

After watching KanganaRanaut’s performance in “Tanu weds Manu Returns”, she has become quite the favorite artist among all Bollywood’s big celebs. However, the sophisticated gentleman he is, Amitabh Bachchan sent two letters and two bouquets to Kangana applauding her on her performance in the movie.

The two letters were meant to be as one for Tanu and one for Datto, both written in Hindi with a poem. Big B has also apparently written a letter to her in high-end English for her performance in Queen but this time she has the opportunity to read it out to her parents who only understand Hindi.

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This is an emotional moment for Kangana to be applauded by Big B who wrote, “It happens very rarely that our eyes fill up watching a performance. You made me cry.” She further adds that she was always considered as someone who did not belong in the industry. However, for Big B to write that he feels great that he is a part of the same industry as that of Kangana; it absolutely moved her and she deserves all the acclamation she can get.

Kangana, you have come a long way and have a longer way to go!

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