Big B falls behind Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter

Amitabh Bachchan may be the megastar of Bollywood, but his draw of 37,500 fans on the first day of Twitter was far less than that of Sachin Tendulkar at 79,000.

Tendulkar was bitten by the Twitter bug early this month, while Amitabh joined Twitter yesterday (May 18) and got plenty of welcome messages from various celebrities.

But the 67-year-old, who regularly writes on his blog and also has a mobile blog and a voice blog, is excited with his first day’s experience on Twitter.

"Day 1 on Twitter, Day 757 on blog, Day 138 from the year… endless days of love and affection to those that count and follow… love," Amitabh posted on his Twitter account.

"33,341 followers in a few hours of starting! Tweety baby I love you!! Keep it rolling," he added.

Currently the actor is following his son, Abhishek and Sachin on the site. (IANS)


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