Bhumika : The perfect homemaker

HYDERABAD, Aug 30 (TNN): Those who thinks traditional Indian hospitality is dead in urban areas, particularly with people associated with glamour industry, read this!

Imagine you are sitting in the drawing room of an actress’s house. When you expect the house-boy to serve you a glass of water and a hot cup of tea, comes the actress herself with a tray containing a cup of tea. Well, the actress in question is Bhumika Chawla who had given hits like Tere Naam etc, but is keeping a low-profile after her marriage to hi-flying yoga guru Bharat Thakur (we hear she’s quietly making a comeback). Recently, a friend of Bharat’s went to meet him at his house. As they kept talking came a beautiful-looking lady carrying a cup of tea.

On a closer look, he found it to be Bhumika Chawla. After she left an embarrassed friend asked Bharat why his wife served the tea, Bharat put it simply, “She likes that way. Her approach to life is different. I don’t interfere in her decisions.” So sweet, na…? Hope other actresses are reading this!

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