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Bhukailas, with considerable pre-release expectations, is the brainchild of Director Siva Nageswara Rao, who earlier did the hit movie Money Money. Despite fielding a popular comedian Venu Madhav, you have very little comedy offered here. If the audience thinks, it’s a satire on the so-called “Ring Road people” in Hyderabad, they are mistaken. It runs through out and out serial-like.


Kailasam (Venu Madhav) hails from a hand-to-mouth living family residing at the outskirts of Hyderabad – with a two-acre land unfit for agriculture. He carries milk cans on his scrap-like bicycle and earns the livelihood for the family. Thanks to the formation of the ring road, the people adjacent to it become rich overnight. An astrologer (Rallapallai), whom the hero saves from a fit-attack, predicts that Kailasam would become a highly influenced person in his village, besides getting immense wealth. At this stage, his two acres is sold in an auction for a mind-blowing 100 C. With wades of currency stuffed in gunnysacks, Kailasam heads for the city. He becomes Kailash and later Kailash Babu. In an effort to become a film hero, he names himself as 5* Kailash Babu. His next step is to become the chief minister of the state. For that he has to form a political party. It has to be watched on the screen – whether Kailasam, who has abandoned his parents and his would-be for luxuries of the city, achieves his goals or not.


For the first time ace comedian Venu Madhav tried his level best to play the solo hero. He had put in high energy into the dance numbers, looking simply hilarious besides the tall heroine Gowri Mumjail (single song) and muscular Mumaith Khan. He succeeded in projecting how a man who becomes rich overnight behaves. Some of his acts such as vomiting and jumping into water look are bad in taste. The audience is sure to feel that Venu Madhav would do better as in production of comedy through single tracks rather than full-length roles.

Suhasini (heroine of Chantigadu) played as the girl who is to marry Venu Madhav. As per the demand of the story, her attire suited to the rural look. She is passable in a lone song sequence with Venu Madhav.

Mumaith Khan is impressive in her performance as heroine for Venu Madhav (when he takes up film production). Her dance sequence with Venu Madhav is a good watch.

Tannikella Bharani played the extension his role “Manikyam” in Money Money. He looked more entertaining in the latter film rather than the current one.

Ali did a long episode in which he imposts as film director, victimizing Venu Madhav.

Jayaprakash Reddy did the politician, who eyes on the money of the hero.

Bhuvaneshwari appears as a toddy-selling woman with lot of expose to lure the customers. Attached to the same episode, you have Sunil Setty.

Brahmanandam played the role of a dreaded extremist. His role comes as a speed breaker. Same is the case with Sunil.

MS Narayayana, Jeeva, Kondavalasa and Krishna Bhagwan collectively appear in a couple of comedy scenes.


Technical Details

As and when the viewers look at the title “Bhukailas” with its tag running “Ekaram 50 C”, the story is clear. The exposition of the story is not convincing. There is no grip when it comes to screenplay. He tried to mix up so many episodes one after the other without cohesion. The climax is abrupt and fails to evoke pathos, though it is a sort of financial tragedy for the hero and his family.

Director Siva Nageswara Rao said he intended to entertain the audience with good comedy. But, the punch is lacking in most of the scenes. The initial scene in which the foursome – MSN, Jeeva, Kondavalasa and Krishna Bhagwan – express their worry over the Moon falling into the tub (reflection of its image) instead of evoking laughter gives rise to a feel of monotony. The audience would be in a dilemma as to why the roles of Brahmanandam and Sunil are introduced in the film!

The toddy-shop scenes headed by Bhuvaneshwari give an impression that the director just wanted to establish one thing – how the people behave when they become rich overnight. This way, the movie sounds like a long serial without advertisements.

Music by Keeravani and Rohit Raj are a saving grace to the film. Even if the duo wanted to provide something special, there would be no scope for them.

Characterization of the neo-rich class in the film, including the hero, is done more with an artificial flavor.

The element of astrology introduced initially arouses some curiosity, when a sentiment is attached at the interval bang. But, the prediction of the astrologer goes wrong and the sentiment (that heroine can stop the death of her hubby if she marries him) turns ridiculous at the climax.


Carries a rating of 2 on a scale of 5. The film generated good openings thanks to the first day expectations. Leave alone A centers, the movie has to wade through even in B and C centers.


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