Bhoomika’s ‘Mayanagar’ Closed

It was with great hype and hoopla that the glowing beauty Bhoomika opened the film magazine ‘Mayanagar’ along with her ‘Yoga Guru’ husband Bharat Thakur. Some also recall her statement during the opening when she said that she is aware of the competition and is positive that she would be successful.

Unfortunately, that dream didn’t last long as reports are confirming that ‘Mayanagar’ has been closed. However, all payments to employees and other units are said to be cleared without any outstanding. It is heard that the losses due to the magazine was running high for Bhoomika and she could not take it further like this.

So for now, it looks like Bhoomika is going to get back to what she does best- acting. Let us hope that she manages to find success on the silver screen as that has not been happening either.

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