Bhojpuri actor Manoj Pandey arrested in rape case filed by a singer

Day by day, we are coming across several news reports where some idiots are trying to molest and attempt rapes against women. This is happening everywhere and when the same happens in the film industry, it gets projected a lot to the outer world. The latest buzz reveals that a film actor based in Mumbai has promised a female singer regarding marriage, but then he called off the same and tried to rape her.

Manoj Pandey Arrest
Manoj Pandey Arrest

This took place in Thane district Kalyan Nagar. Bhojpuri actor Manoj Pandey apparently loved a female singer in the industry, and both of them were also involved in a living together relationship. The actor promised her film chances and kept her waiting every time. After a while, she became pregnant and fearing of that, he asked her to abort the same.

The singer who is disappointed with all this has sought the legal justice now and approached the cops who immediately arrested the actor.

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