Bheemili kabaddi jattu Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is…

A remake of the 2009 Tamil feature ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ and a descent remake at that.



The film follows a very traditional sports film screenplay pattern if one is to consider the main theme – Kabbadi. An underdog team going through of series of events and finally succeeding at a major sports event. And as sub plots we have Suri’s (played by Nani) tale of rural poverty and his couple of girl romances.

What’s good?

The way the film tried to capture the innocence and fun of the village ambiance (the humor in the first installment in particular) was almost a success, if only the editing and the writing were a little more polished.

Hiding one of the lead female characters through out the second half and never revealing her name was quite a bold move and did pay off.


What could have been better..

Most of the scenes started off seeming new and entertaining and if these scenes hadn’t been prolonged the way they were, it would have been a total fun blast.


The end of the film seemed like a writing block rather than what the film needed.


The Actors.

Hardly any complaints about Nani and the valid looking female leads. However, the real characters to look forward to are the members of the Kabbadi team. They’ve accounted for all the highly enjoyable episodes and are the people who make this otherwise mediocre film better than that.


And Souda Muthu playing the coach with his baritone and the lanky muscularity was a great addition to the cast.



Funny. Not so quick. Not too slow either. Could have been much better, but, lets not get too fussy about it. Forgive the lack of polish on the screenplay and enjoy the humor.

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