Bheemavaram Bullodu Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Rambabu ( Sunil) comes to know that he is suffering from brain tumor and is going to die in ten days.  All his friends and relatives begin to show sympathy on Sunil’s health condition. Sunil, unable to bear this, moves to the city to go away from them to stay happy at least in the last few days of his life. He decides to do some good, believing that he can find heaven with his good deeds. Rambabu (Sunil) becomes very courageous after accepting the fact that he is going to die any way very soon, he has no fear and he is invincible. He attacks the gangs and criminals in the city and controls all the crime. Posani, a friend of Sunil, a head constable, gets all the credit for Sunil’s bravery and he is promoted as S.I and then C.I. Rambabu( Sunil ) saves Nandini (Ester Noronha), who is being followed by a villain gang. While traveling Nandini falls in love with Sunil. But Nandini does not know the whereabouts of him. She begins her search for Rambabu and finally finds him but Rambabu(Sunil) ignores her thinking he is going to die soon. Story takes a U turn when Rambabu comes to know that the reports given by the doctor are not correct, and that he is in perfect health and not going to die of brain tumor. After knowing this, Rambabu loses all his courage and all the villain’s gangs and criminals are in search for him. Meanwhile Nandini gets engaged with someone else. Rambabu has to convince Nandini’s father and make his love succeed. Nandini’s father is a film director, so Rambabu uses all his tricks to convince him.

The story is not well structured, there is lag in the second half, soon after interval. There are plenty of comedians in the film, but only few scenes really worked out well.

Sunil performed well trying to entertain through out the film. There are many action and comedy blended fight sequences and Sunil did them very well, adding the flavor of west Godavari dialogues. Sunil’s dance moves are also a big asset for the film. Ester Noronha(heroine) is not very impressive.

Music and Back ground scores by Anoop Rubens are not very impressive.

Comedy and action blended entertainer, can enjoy once if you go without much expectations.

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