Bhavana shocked with her Boy Friend?

Bhavana Shocked with Boy Friend

South Indian beauty Bhavana is now in the most toughest stage in her life. On one hand, films got reduced and on the other hand, she is facing problems in personal life. There is a buzz in the media that Bhavana broke up with her boy friend.

From the past few days, South Indian media has been promoting Bhavana and Anoop Menon as an upcoming pair. Interestingly, neither Bhavana nor Anoop gave statements negatively about this aspect and the media in Mollywood mentioned that this pair moved quite closely.

Now, Anoop declared that he is going to marry a girl who is not from the film industry. In this scenario, “Did Bhavana had a break up with his boy friend?” turned out to be a topic down the South. We have to wait for some more time to get more clarity from either Bhavana or Anoop.

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