Bhavana getting married?

Bhavana is an actress who started her career off with a bang in Mollywood and then even venture in to other industries in the south. Lately though her career is one that could use a bit of a boost, not that she isn’t signing any projects… simply that they’re not the biggies you expect them to be.


However, none of that affects how much spotlight the actress sometimes gets, much to her chagrin, regarding her personal life.

There was constant speculation that she was in a relationship with her Angry Babies in Love co star Anoop Menon, and then came the news that she would be getting married to ‘someone’ in the beginning of 2015.

Media, in general, and the fans of course put two and two together and surmised that Bhavan would be marrying Anoop come next year. It has to be noted though that both actors have repeatedly denied the rumours surrounding them, claiming they are just ‘good friends and nothing more’.

But the alleged wedding news spread like wildfire and Bhavana has been getting her share of ‘congratulations’ and inquiries from people. So much so that the actress posted this on her Facebook page yesterday:

“Dear media friends, I hear alot about my wedding offlate. Lemme clear it off that its my elder brother who is getting married in January,2015.. Some of my media friends and wellwishers seem to be confused with this.Tired of answering individually to all those phone calls im getting regarding this:)My marriage can wait, lol.. I will definitely make an official announcement before I tie knot.. After all who else would I be keen on informing than my dear friends here. Thankyou!”

So that clears things up now doesn’t it? Anyways, we wish Bhavana the best with her private life and her professional one…

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