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"Bharani" is a perfect carbon copy of Pandem Kodi and Pogaru put together. It is neither disappointing nor visually entertaining. It’s just an average shanty.




Bharani (Vishal) is a short-tempered with medium-ranged education. He and his mom (Rohini) live along with his maternal uncle Srinivasa Bhoopathy (Prabhu) and grandma (Manorama). They always lock their horns with their rival family led by Vijayakumar, Nazar and Nadia Moidu. Bharani is in love with Bhanu (Bhanu), who is the daughter of their family rival Sakuntala Devi (Nadia). Bharani comes to know that Sakunthala is the wife of Bhoopathy and has left him for the reason that he reserved all his affection for his mom rather than wife. So, she had left him and stayed with her father and brother (Vijay Kumar and Nazar), who wants to take advantage of the situation and play havoc with Bhoopathy and his family. Yet, Bharani and Bhanu are strong-minded to forge a life together and as a result bring about compromise between Sakunthala and Bhoopathy and reunite the two families. How the lovers are subjected to shocking penalty of their emotional actions form the climax.




Vishal is brilliant as a short-tempered guy, who finds courage and strength to fight for causes he believes in. His stunts are astonishing, but his attempts at evoking laughter through comic one-liner draw a blank. Vishal should come out of his set formula to avoid being stamped as a stereotype.


This is the first time Bhanu faces the camera. She looks inert and deeply ill-at-ease. Comedy played by Ganja Karuppu (who also appears in Pandem Kodi) is silly. Prabhu, Nadia, Rohini and a push of other characters are apt to the storyline.


Technical Values


Director Hari, who is known for his smash hit in Tamil "Sami" did not want to risk deviating from these elements of filmmaking. He just dished out a film which is cliché-ridden.


The story is pretty simple and is set in the backdrop of South Tamilnadu, generally found in the areas of Tirunelveli, Thuthukodi and Kanyakumari. It has well portrayed the culture and class barriers peculiar the region. However, it might sound alien to the Telugu audience. So, the audiences feel the pungent smell of Tamil flavor in this dubbed version.


Fast screenplay and spectacular stunts keep the movie going. Cinematography is good.


Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is honeyed in parts.




The movie is opened to an average talk. It will also help Vishal to create his base in Tollywood

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