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Bham Bolenath Movie Review: Navdeep who worked for several Tollywood ventures, failed to get on to the top of the list in the recent times. In spite of several trails, majority of his flicks failed utterly at the box office. Now, he is coming up with the venture “Bham Bolenath”. Read on to know whether this venture got him the most needed hit or continued the same trend.


Vishnu (Navdeep) is interested to be a software professional. He likes Sri Lakshmi (Pooja Javeri) who is daughter of Satteji (Posani Murali Krishna). On the other hand, Krishna (Naveen Chandra) too likes Sri Lakshmi. Vishnu as well as Krishna goes on for different deals to make money. Both end up getting more than what they expected. Now, who will win the hand of Sri Lakshmi and what are the consequences they encounter while making money and after making money, forms the other part of the story.


Navdeep was expected to give high level performance in this flick as it is expected to be a comeback venture for this star hero. Navdeep managed to get his role highlighted with his acting ability. Naveen too worked out well on his role.

Pooja Javeri too was fine as cute and hot lady. Pradeep and Kireeti as drug addicts looked natural on screen. Other supporting cast like Tagubothu Ramesh, Pankaj, Danush, Prachi and Shreya worked out well in supporting roles. Characters were not given much scope by the film maker but the celebrities performed well in the limited scope roles.

Technical Aspects:

Story was not well written. Even though the stars gave good performance as per their roles, the story could have made the flick look more interesting, if it is at its best. A one point, it looked the director lost the track. Twist factor too was not well plotted and this made the flick look a bit dull.

Editing, choreography, dialogues, music were all on the average line. The flick could have looked perfect if the film maker included few interesting twists in the venture.

On an average:

For the stars like Navdeep and Naveen, this flick may not give them the much needed break through. Even though they gave good performance on screen, poor execution of the plot may drag the collections at the box office. Good attempt by the actors but this flick may not be considered as a good attempt by the film maker.

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