Bhajarang Dal and Baba Ram Dev called to fight against Amir Khan’s PK!

Aamir Khan PK Movie Ban

Baba Ram Dev and Bhajarang Dal has now called to fight against Amir Khan’s “PK”. They felt that the sequences in the flick were on Anti-Hinduism terms. Bhajarang Dal attacked few theatres and stopped the screening.

This situation was encountered in Ahmedabad and Bhopal and the same is expected to happen in South Indian states in near future. “PK” film unit is trying to stop this process while Baba Ram Dev too extended his support to fight against “PK”.

Few other Hinduism related communities too were triggered in all parts of the nation and the controversy on “PK” is expected to touch the peaks in near future. If this happens, we may see drastic degradation in the collections of this flick.

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