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One would definitely expect a holistic entertainment with a family-orientated title like Bhajantreelu.  But, the wedding bells failed to impress the guests (audiences). The movie is like inviting a guest to a marriage reception and bidding him farewell without providing him a dinner. Having given the clue, its up to the reader to decide – to get into the theatre or just stay away.


Sivaji and Vikram get into a belligerent situation. They urgently require a lump sum amount of Rs. 10 lakh to complete an important assignment. To accomplish the task, they abduct a bride from the kalyanamandapam. She is the daughter of a miser (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Now, they place their demand for the ransom. But, the stingy father sets out his would be son-in-law Lohit (Venu Madhav) along with a search gang Black Dogs to detect the kidnappers’ movements and to rescue the girl. However, the kidnapped girl comes to know that her abductors are innocent guys and harmless like a butterfly. It is also found that the hero’s sister is blind and the ransom demand is for getting the vision back to her. Now, the twist is that the blind girl’s lover is Lohit. What happens later forms the rest of the story.


The info about the characterization of MS Narayana would give a clear picture of the department of Characterization. He appears as a filmmaker who looks for minute details and logic behind the stories, when the writers visit him. He would even give a slap to them, if he is not convinced of the logic. But, in this movie, do not expect even one percent logic.

The co-starring chemistry between Sivaji and Vikram has not worked out. While, Sivaji, the main hero, performed well within in limits, Vikram (MS Narayana’s doting son) messed up things, giving a raw performance with numb moments from start to the finish. Two heroines Shivani and Sushmitha too are limited to expose. Kota Srinivasa Rao’s role as a miserly father is routine. His dad is shown as Rao Gopala Rao (graphical presentation). This technique lacked even minimum logic. This exercise can be considered an out and out waste of money and time on the part of the producer and director respectively.  Venu Madhav as Lohit could not evoke any decent comedy. His characterization turned repulsive. Sunil and Brahmanandam‘s performance has some grace.

Technical Details

The story is a mix of various threads from the old and new movies. MS Narayana seem to have forgotten what he really intended to provide to the audiences. As a debut director, he has completely lost the grip. Screenplay turned a boring fare. Songs are a big disappointment, though they have music by Chakri. Comedy is not situational as all the sequences sounded abrupt and artificial. If we expect at least something from Mumaith Khan, this item number too fails to sizzle. The song would just open up abruptly to give a jerk to the audience, who might have by then engrossed with the idea of leaving the theatres. Absolutely, there is nothing to write about anything further.


MS Narayana’s slipshod direction, TV serial-like screenplay, nagging story, deliberate comedy, pale songs as speed breakers and raw performance of the lead artistes, but for Sivaji – have turned the film into one of the most miserable movies the Tollywood audience have ever expected.

By Rishi

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