Bhai Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Plot: David, the most powerful underworld Don is stopped in his tracks when a mere undercover officer in Hyderabad starts weeding out the bad guys in a covert operation. With the state Home Minister unable to act on it, the Don has no option but to send in his trusted lieutenant – Bhai. He arrives in style, and almost has the cop on the other end of his gun, but fails to pull the trigger. Why you ask? Well that forms the premise of the story!

Analysis: The story isn’t anything new. All we ask for is something a bit different from the very regular stuff, just a few unexpected twists and turns thrown in here and there. We viewers have the right to ask that from the directors don’t we? What do we get in return? We get characters that are neither original or have consistency in the roles scripted for them.

The story takes numerous twists and turns. Perhaps the interval twist is the biggest amongst them all but the effort of the director to induce a bang fails to materialise on screen. The director’s inspiration from various movies is very evident. He attempts to present it in one fluid attempt, but the inconsistent treatment of the characters and the attempt to keep the commercial elements intact steals the chance from the director and prevents him from doing anything different. The cliché ridden one-line ‘punches’ seem ridiculous as well!

Nagarjuna delivers a very good performance. But, come on, how many times did we not see him in a similar role? King, Don, you name it! Seeing his efforts go waste in films like this will not please his fans. The lack of originality is what hurts Bhai the most. The rest of the cast have a very easy job to do. This time you see Brahmanandam slapping a whole bunch of people for a change but it does not brim with originality either. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is mainstream, nothing new again.

Verdict: The comic track in this movie is what saves the film from being an absolute bore. If you have to watch a movie every weekend, Bhai will not trouble you. But those of you who walk in with huge expectations, the risk is all yours to take. I am going with 2/5 for Bhai. Tollywood really needs to break the monotony here, and the sooner they do it, the better it is. They should consider it our humble request. 

Reviewed by Sriram Madhav

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