Bhadram Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Venu(Ashok Selvan) is a fresh criminology graduate. He is very passionate about pursuing a career in detection, gathering information and solving cases. Unknowingly, he joins a fake detective agency. He falls in love with one of his subject (Janani Iyer ), who he is collecting information about. He is shocked when he notices the correlation between the murders and the cases he solved. He understands that next target his Madhu(Janani Iyer), who he is in love with and he tries to save her. The second half is very thrilling when all the puzzles get solved one after the other.

Director P. Ramesh did a fantastic job, taking the audience along with him and story unravels systematically. The strength of this film is its screenplay, which is also done by Director himself.

Hero Ashok Selvan’s performance is commendable and perfectly suitable for the role. Janani Iyer is apt for the role. Actors Kaali, Jayaprakash, Jayakumar, Pradeep Iyer have all performed well.

Telugu dialogues are written well with perfect lip sync, which saved much of audience’s trouble with dubbed films.

Music Director Nivas K Prasanna’s music is a huge asset for the film and first half of the story goes very smoothly, with soulful background music and songs perfectly suiting the montages, establishing the relationship of hero and heroine. Niva’s background scores further enhanced the suspense and thrill elements of the film.

Dinesh Krishnan, has done an excellent camera work with fantastic camera movements enhancing the scene content. Leo John Paul’s Editing is a huge asset for the film.

Conversations between Venu(Hero) and Ameer ( Hero Friend) could have been better, as consulting Ameer for all of  Venu’s decisions did not much elevate Venu’s characterization.

Relief from the regular films, a nice film to watch, brilliantly made.

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