Bhaagamathie Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)


Movie Name Bhaagamathie
Movie Rating 3/5
Movie Cast Anushka Shetty , Aadhi, Unni Mukundhan
Director G Ashok
Music Director SS Thaman
Production Company UV Creations
Release Date January 26, 2018

Male actors who score a series of hits and gain fans with each and every movie is called as a star. There are many stars in South India. But it is very rare for a female actor to be called as a star with good fan base and Anushka Shetty is one such a star heroine of South India. She has scored a biggest hit as a lead actor way back in 2009 with Arundathi and she impressed us with her performance in India’s biggest film “Baahubali”. She is good at what she does and she is now coming with “Bhaagmathi” directed by Ashok of Pilla Jamindaar fame and is produced by Vamsi and Pramod of UV Creations. This movie is being released simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam under the same name. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today.


Bhaagamathie Review
Bhaagamathie Review

Eswar Prasad (Jaya Ram) is a central minister who got a huge following in his home state and is gaining more with each passing day. This doesn’t work well with central government. The central government assigns a task to CBI Joint Director Vaishnavi to malign the image of Eswar Prasad by making him guilty in false cases. They then goes to a prisoner named Chanchala (Anushka Shetty) who is an IAS officer and has worked for Eswar Prasad in the past to make false allegations and give false statements to prove him as a corrupt politician. To interrogate her, CBI moves her to an old bungalow in a forest which is owned by Bhaagmathi. They slowly start to experience the horror of Bhaagmathi and rest is the story of Bhaagmathi and Chanchala.

Cast and Performance

Anushka Shetty who plays the roles of two shades named Chanchala and Bhaagmathi did a fantastic job. She made a huge impact with the role of Bhaagmathi as an actor and she played the role of Chanchala well. Unni Mukundan is good. Jayaram as Eeswar Prasad is nice. Murali Sharma as ACP did a nice job. Prabhas Seenu, Dhanraj and Vidyu Raman generate few laughs. Asha Sarath is good as CBI Joint Director Vaishnavi Natarajan. Aadi Pinisetty is fabulous. All other actors did a nice job.

Writing Department

Anushka in Bhaagamathie
Anushka in Bhaagamathie

Story of Bhaagmathi is simple and screenplay is good in most of the parts. Dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Songs of Bhaagmathi composed by SS Thaman who is in great form these days are good. He did a terrific job in scoring background music. He is the biggest asset of this Bhaagmathi and he lived up to the hype.

His work is well supported by good sound design. Madhie as a cinematographer did a superb job and he gave some best visuals and frames for this movie. Editing is good. Production values of UV Creations are good.


Anushka Shetty as Bhaagmathi/Chanchala
SS Thaman Background score
Cinematography by Madhie


Becomes routine


Bhaagmathi is story of a girl who worked as a secretary to a central minister who is good with people and evil ideologies to malign him. These characters enter into the world of Bhaagmathi in the name of investigation and she disturbs them. Director Ashok did a good job in handling this subject and everyone seem well engaged when it comes to interval scene. He could have taken care in writing scenes featuring Unni Mukundan as Shakthi as they seem unimportant. Everyone expect this movie as a horror and spooky movie but in reality it becomes routine after certain point of time which may disappoint audience to certain extent. To sum up, Bhaagmathi gives you horror effect in the first half and becomes political and murder mystery in the second half which entertain audience well.

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