Bewakoofiyaan Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Funny are these titles when they unknowingly make fun of themselves.  It was Total Siyapaa which lived up to its name and Bewakoofiyan this week which again lives up to its name.

This is a rom-rom begins with the ambitious and confident Mohit (Ayushmann Khurarna) , a sales executive at an airline company. He anticipates promotion at his work, and gets it too.  Mayera, his love is a bank employee who earns a tad more than him, but he doesn’t mind that too.  Mayera wants Mohit to meet her dad (Rishi Kapoor), and put forward the marriage proposal.  The shrewd father however disapproves in their first attempt of proposal, but later decides to keep a probation period.  But, as fate would have it, Mohit loses his job as the recession hits the industry.  The rest of the story is about how this crisis affects all these three directly or indirectly and takes a toll on their future plans.

Bewakoofiyaan has a plot which can be exploited very well to generate some humorous sequences. Unfortunately, there’s hardly a scene or two which does that. The writing by Habib Faisal is lackluster with hardly any memorable moments. The scenes try to be funny but turn out to be nothing exciting as the reactions from the characters are too predictable.

There is a progress in the story for sure, which makes it somewhat bearable.  The love-birds lingo which Mohit and Mayera use is another thing that goes in favor of the story.

Coming to the performances, Sonam is good as the urban-working-cool-chick. Also, it seemed like she was given the freedom to pick her own wardrobe and the diva tried to shower as much glamour with some cool outfits (except one place).  Ayushmann gets a role that had similar shades of Vicky Donor – romance, financial and personal crisis.  There was nothing new that could be seen in Bewakoofiyaan from the dimple dude except for the scenes where he displays the inferiority complex. Rishi Kapoor’s role was poorly written with unattractive lines. However, in a couple of scenes, he shines. The coffee-shop scene towards the climax is noteworthy. Music by Raghu Dixit is good for a couple of tracks. Since, this is an YRF product, the technical quality is good too.

Overall, the humour lacked the punch which is important for rom-coms like Bewakoofiyaan.

With an actor like Rishi Kapoor on board, and not giving him an impactful role, is the biggest bewakoofi of the film. An additional bewakoofi is the bikini act by Sonam.

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