Bethaludu Review – Another Hit For Vijay Antony

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Having a blockbuster in the form of previous movie make next film of that hero a hotcake. Buyers and exhibitors offer huge business deals to get hold of the rights. Vijay Anthony starrer Bichagadu, which was released in the first half of this year was a humongous blockbuster which no one predicted and has collected more than 20 crores in both Telugu states alone. It was released with a very low expectations and less publicity. Vijay Anthony is now coming up with Bethaludu which has a very high expectations due to its publicity and of course due to Bichagadu effect. The first 12 minutes of the movie is released into YouTube as a part of promotions and has garnered critical reviews. Let’s see how this movie works on us!


Vijay Antony in Bethaludu
Vijay Antony in Bethaludu

Dinesh (Vijay Anthony) is an IT professional working in a MNC in Hyderabad. He marries Aishwarya (Arundhathi Nair) who got connected to him in a matrimonial site and things start going worse from then. He hear his inner voices in the name of Bethala character and which always orders him to suicide. His friend saves him by giving his life while in one of such incidents. He then goes meet a psychologist (Kitty) along with his boss (Y G Mahendra) and gets to know a little bit about his past life and after that he goes in search of that story without even knowing him about going and knows about Jayalakshmi, Sharma and his son. Who are they?? What is their relation with Dinesh? These questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Vijay Anthony as Dinesh and Sharma is terrific and has done justice for both variant roles. He scores well as performer. Arundhati Nair as Aishwarya and Jaya Lakshmi is fantastic and she too performed well in her variant roles. Y G Mahendra is good as boss of Vijay Anthony. Kitty is good as Psychologist of Vijay Anthony. The one who did Vijay Anthony’s friend role is superb in the very limited screen presence. Other actors performed well as per the requirement of their roles.

Writing Department

Bethaludu Movie Photos
Bethaludu Movie Photos

Story of Bethaludu is interesting and intriguing. Screenplay is engaging and well written. Dialogues are situational and are perfectly written.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Vijay Anthony are okay and apt for the story. He has scored fantastic music as background score which lifts the movie to the next level and makes audience sit tight on seats. Cinematography by Pradeep Kalipuriyath is nice and visuals complement the story and its mood well. Editing by Veera Senthilraj is neat and racy. Production values are apt and rich.


  • Vijay Anthony’s Performance
  • Background score by Vijay Anthony


  • Climax
  • Slow pace


This movie begins with Vijay Anthony meeting a psychologist about his depression and voices he is hearing. Movie goes into flashback mode and becomes interesting with riveting background score and well framed visuals which gel with the story so well. Screenplay of this half is so tight with racy and crispy editing which makes audience sit, biting their nails at edge of the seat. This half ends where he know about his past life and his journey in search of the story. Second half is about Sharma and his story and how Sharma take revenge on Jayalakshmi. Screenplay is nearly perfect and engaging in this half also making audience excite at the edge of seats. While moving towards climax we find the influence and traces of Hollywood movie Lucia which deals about a drug and its effect on human beings. Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy has done a fabulous job and made this movie a thrilling ride for audience. He has written the screenplay very well based on the novel by Sujatha Ranganath which he acknowledged in the movie. To summarise, Bethaludu is Vijay Anthony’s another hit!!

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