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Rating: 2/5

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Best Actors is a free make of Malayalam film “Nee Ko Njaa Chaa” (2013), which have some similarities with Madhur Bandarkar’s “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji”.

Cast: Nandu, Madhunandhan, Madhurima, Abhishek, Naveed, Bhargavi, Shamili, Kesha, Krati

Director: Arun Pawar.

The breakup of Nandu (Nandu) and Archana (Shamili) that had a sexual relation makes Nandu and his friends Abhi (Abhi), Krishna (Naveed), Madhu (Madhu) to leave Goa for a change over. In Goa all get their desires fulfilled and give a repair to their broken hearts. In the process, Nandu and Madhu meet Jaya Sudha (Madhurima) & Jaya Pradha (Kesha) who go through sexual relation and invites trouble.


Nandu and his friends come to know that they have got AIDS. None other than the girls themselves inform that they have AIDS and one of the visited friends has been infected with it. Nandu and his friends struggle a lot to know who is infected with the disease. A sheer tension passes through them. At last Nandu comes out positive. For their vulnerable scenario, they find that Jaya Sudha & Jaya Pradha have connection with Nandu’s Ex Archana. What happened later? How Jaya Sudha and Jaya Pradha have connection with Archana? Did Archana set up Nandu? These shall be clarified on silver screen.


Nandu is the best among the male leads. Madhu plays his usual character fluently while newcomers Abhi & Krishna have got nothing much to do. Lead role Shalini acting was decent but not so attractive. She took opportunity to show some skinny performances, to which masses get attracted.

Comedy by Thagubothu Ramesh & Sapthagiri is awful.

Technical Work:

Best Actors
Best Actors

Things go good for the first 20 minutes as the director establish the characters and the situations. But has surely failed to carry it forward as the movie gets lagged in its proceeding.

Dialogues by Kittu Vissapragada are intended to be funny in this comedy pack, but you may laugh only at a few. There weren’t any meaningful writing that describes the actual feel.

The songs by JB are good and the BGM is too loud.

Bottom Line:

Best Actors puts in a little bit of body show, educational point, satire, present teenage love, revenge and forgets to shift them up. The director made continues efforts to make the audience laugh and give feel of paisa vasool, which didn’t happen. Producer may have thought of cashing the story line, not a bad idea, but with such type of making values, it is definitely a bad idea.

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