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In 2010, a director named Abhinav Kashyap changed the fortune of Salman Khan making him the most saleable star from last 3 years. He refused to direct the sequel as he was very keen to work on another script called ‘Besharam’. One would infer that Besharam must be a really great script that he has turned down the offer of Dabanng sequel. Forget about being a great script, Besharam is nowhere near to be called even as a ‘ghatiya’ script.

Yes, Besharam for Ranbir Kapoor is

A Ram Jaane for SRK

A Hello Brother for Salman

A Mela for Aamir

These movies are one of the worst choices these superstars have made in their careers, where they assumed that they could entertain with an extra dose of ‘over-acting’. Looks like it is Ranbir’s turn now.

Babli (Ranbir) is a good-hearted-con orphan, who gives all his hard-earned money to the orphanage. He
falls in love with Tara (Pallavi Sharda), an ambitious middle-class woman. He stalks her and proposes only to get rejected on the basis of his ‘economic’ status and ‘social’ status. Later, Babli steals a car as part of his daily job, but it turns out that it’s the newly bought car of our heroine. When he realizes it, it’s too late as it gets into the den of the Hawaala King Chandela (Javed Jaffrey). The core of this ‘bekaar’ movie revolves around this ‘car’. In a sub-plot, we have Rishi Kapoor and Neetu playing a cop couple, who have dreams of having making money with only few years left before they retire.

One question that would haunt the movie buffs forever is what aspect of this movie excited the Kapoors. Did they think Ranbir pulling his tight jeans around the crotch would make the audience laugh? Did they expect that Rishi Kapoor sitting on a commode in his undies and the fart sounds produced would bring the house down?. There is absolutely nothing entertaining in the movie. In fact, it gets on to your nerves further, when the boring songs come and test your patience additional to the torture already being experienced.

Besharam is a terrible movie with nothing going in favor of it.

Beware, this is a tough competition to Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala.

Reviewed by Rag Mayur

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