Bendu Apparao Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Bendu Appa Rao is about a well meaning RMP doctor Allari Naresh and how he goes about saving lives of patients in the village. He also shoulders a big responsibility and proves that he has a heart of gold.

The Plot:
Bendu Appa Rao (Naresh) is a happy go lucky RMP doctor in a small village. He makes a lot of money by playing upon the innocence of the villagers. His sidekick is Suman Shetty.

Bendu meets Padma (Kamna Jethmalani) and they both slowly fall n love. Padma is the only daugther of a rich man Ahuthi Prasad. Just when everything seems to be going smoothly, Bendu finds a man knocked down on the road by a speeding lorry. The young man asks Bendu to handover a bag containing 15 lakh rupees to his parents. He also requests him not to reveal to his parents that he is dead.

Bendu tries to locate the parents of the dead man but in vain. He then gives some amount to his friends who are in problems and uses the remaining amount to build a new school building in the village in place of the dilapidated building.

The village president Chalapathi Rao is not at all happy with the development. The dead man’s sister Meghana is a school teacher. She comes to the village along with her parents. Appa Rao learns about their identity and gets ready to sacrifice his love in order to help the sister of the dead man by agreeing to marry her. He even arranges money for the treatment of the dead man’s father who is suffering from a heart ailment.

Whom will Appa Rao marry in the end? Will he marry Kamna Jethmalani whom he loves dearly or Meghana the school teacher? The remaining part of the story is suspense and must be watched on the silver screen.

The Actors:
Allari Naresh has matured as an actor. He has come a long way and he is now a well accomplished comedy hero. Kamna Jethmalani looks cute and plays her part well.

Achuth, Srinivas Reddy, LB Sriram, Kondavalasa, Telangana Shakunthala, Chalapathi Rao and others play out their roles as per the demands of the script. Ahuthi Prasad and Raghu Babu do a good job. Ali appears in a cameo.

Bendu Appa Rao entertains in the first half and turns quite heavy with sentiment in the second half. Koti’s music is okay but is a bit loud at times.

There are three duets, two on Naresh and Kamna Jethmalani and one on Naresh and Meghana. While the entire movie is set against a village backdrop, the songs are shot in exotic locales abroad. This appears a bit jarring as the contrast is a bit too much.

The Bottom line:
Bendu Appa Rao is a light hearted comic entertainer all right but it is not in the same league as director EVV’s earlier films. It is an average one time watch time pass film.

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