Bellamkonda Suresh once again involved in cheating case!

Bellamkonda Suresh Filed a Case on Director

Tollywood film producer Bellamkonda Suresh fell in financial issues due to the over budget of “Alludu Seenu” and flop talk of “Rabhasa”. Manchu Lakshmi and his family filed case on Bellamkonda Suresh saying that this producer didn’t pay them the charges for using their sets. He too filed case at that time on this family and both the parties adjusted money among themselves and the case got closed.

Now, Bellamkonda Suresh is once again involved in cheating case. This time, he is the one who kept cheating case on another director. As per the story, Bellamkonda Suresh gave 25 lakhs to Nageswara Reddy to direct a film. It seems that Nageswara Reddy didn’t turn up on the flick and he didn’t even gave him the money.

Responding on this, Bellamkonda Suresh filed a cheating case on this director. We have to see how far will this case move ahead. As per the analysts, Bellamkonda Suresh is facing these sort of financial problems due to the recent commercial flops.

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