Bejawada Rowdeelu in High Court!

Akkineni young hero Naga Chaitanya’s new film titled "Bezawada Rowdeelu" shooting schedule was started recently in Vijayawada. The film has landed into controversies due to its title from the starting day of the movie and the city of Vijayawada people are opposing the movie title and they asked producer Ramgoapl Varma to change the movie title. But RGV is refusing to change the title. ‘Bejawada Rowdilu’ is said to be based on the gang wars that happened in Vijayawada almost two decades ago. As per the people in Vijayawada the title of the film will gives the bad remark to the city and it would also raises fresh wars again.

Now the latest news is that Gowtham Reddy, an advocate filed a petition in the High Court seeking the court to intervene in the issue and make the filmmaker to change the title of the movie from Bezawada Rowdeelu .The court has asked the censor board’s legal counsel to go through on this the matter and submit its report to the court within a week. Now we have to wait and to see the court’s decision on this movie title.

Bejawada Rowdeelu is being directed by a debutant, Vivek Krishna, who also an associate of RGV. Ram Gopal Varma and Kiran Kumar Koneru are jointly producing the film on Shreya Productions banner. Vanditha Koneru is presenting it.

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