Bejawada Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

It is
A film that’s all the buzz and sensation until people actually get to watch it (the popular habit right now and with the number of TV channels we have, it’s hard to be un-sensational).

The film’s plot line has nothing to do with what the title suggests, it’s just another loose screenplay with Bejawada as its poorly depicted backcloth. Just like the series of faction films based on some fictional place and named Rayalaseema.

The town’s mafia/unofficial good doers are headed by Kaali (played by Prabhu), with a younger brother (Shankar played by Abhimanyu Singh) who’s trying to take over his place. Vijay Krishna (Mukhul Dev) is the one Kaali trusts with most of his deals and promises. This bond further maddens Shankar. Jai Krishna (Ajay) and Shiva Krishna (Naga Chaitanya) are Vijay’s younger brothers. Shankar’s restless ambition drives him to go against his own brother and the plot opens up for Shiva to enter the rowdy realm and ultimately kill everyone.

What’s good?
Unlike most of the recent films, this one wasn’t random. The screenplay had plenty of places to go to and with good reason.

We have given up on novelty, crowd control, protagonists who can act and realism long ago. But, our films usually have bearable edits and decent shot division. Of the recent main stream films, this has to be the saddest of executions.

The film’s music was another major let down. Make an observation, at least five (at the least) people are bound to walk out at every song (wherever you are watching it).

Mukhul Dev and Kota Srinivas Rao stand out amongst the cast. Abhimanyu Singh and Ajay are amongst those whose performances have been shadowed by poor editing and over the top camera work.

Naga Chaitanya gives out another sincere performance which clearly tells us that we have to bear with the star kids for whatever little they can provide us with. Almost on every occasion he was sort of confused about what his expression was or may be he just doesn’t bother.

Amala Paul could’ve have earned a few more films if the film allowed her to show more and if that was shot well enough.

RGV (in an interview) was telling that one should watch this film if they have nothing else to do. Trust me, even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be watching this.

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