Beauty spots of Stars

They are the beauty spots on the screen.! Heroines on the silver screen are the real walking, dancing and teasing beauty spots. But it will be very interesting to know about the beauty spots of our heroines.

As per the revelations of make-up-men of the film industry.,the beauty spots of some glamour girls are mentioned  here :

Shivaji  sensation Shriya has a beautiful mole a little below her waist on the left side.

Sneha has a big mole at the centre of her neck, which enhances her appeal. 

Ghajni girl Asin has a beautiful small mole on her left cheek.

Tulasi star Nayanatara, too, has a small mole on her right toe;

Krishna charmer, Trisha has a lovely looking mole on the upper portion of her chest nearer to her right shoulder!? 


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