Be Careful while eating outside food!!

This happened in INDIA – Shimoga District in Karnataka

A 10 year old boy who had eaten pineapple about 15 daysback, fell sick, from the day he had eaten. Later when he had his Health check done,doctors diagnosed that he had AIDS. His parents couldn’t believe it…Then the entire family under went a checkup None of them was found to be suffering from Aids. So the doctors checked again with the boy if he had eaten out….

The answer was ‘yes’ – he had had pineapple two weeks ago . Immediately a group from the hospital went to the pineapple vendor to check. They found the pineapple seller had many cuts on his fingers while cutting the fruit; his blood might have spread onto the fruit each time… When they had his blood checked, sure enough ..the guy was suffering from AIDS but he himself was NOT aware. Unfortunately the boy is suffering from it now.

Please take care while u eat on the road side ( particularly tasty vada pav & Paani Puri )

and please share it with your everyone you may know.

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