Bava movie review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is…
Another attempt by Siddarth to get into to the mindless groove of ‘mass commercial cinema’.


The plot is so clichéd that even to write a few sentences about it is going to bore me. I wonder how people spend years writing these scripts and all the physical strain they go through to get this up on the screen. Aren’t they bored or do they actually find this to be a fulfilling experience?


Okay, the film is set in the Godavari district where Veeraju (Siddarth) and his friends are the emblematic village miscreants…”I’m already bored”…okay, let me finish this. Raju falls in love with a girl (played by Pranita, I don’t remember the name of her character) of a wealthy and influential family, the family has a row in the past with Raju’s father (Rajendra Prasad), there are village disputes regarding some temple issue, the girl is getting married to some guy based on some past agreement, that guy is a bad dude, bore bore bore and a happy end.


What I’ve observed?
All the smokers left the auditorium whenever a song started.


With around 30 minutes left, more than 50 or so audiences have left.


I could’ve stayed home and watched one of those 90s Telugu films centered around love and village rivalries on TV instead of spending good money on a sunny Friday morning.


And it’s better to avoid such films than to ‘watch and curse’.


It is that sort of a film where people laugh at the emotional scenes and the comic or lighter moments are met with vacant stares. Stares looking for something, anything which might be worthy of their time and money.


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