Battle of the sequels – New trend in Tollywood

At a point of time, remaking of Tollywood films by Bollywood used to be a trend in the film industry. Bollywood has blockbuster hits with these remake films. Now, the main trend in the Indian film industry is the sequels. Almost all the regional films industries in India are on this trend.


In Tollywood, this fever is on full swing. Jr.NTR and Vinayak is coming up with “Adhurs 2” and Pawan Kalyan is set with “Gabbar Singh 2”. Adding to this, Puri Jaganath is expected to put “Idiot 2” or “Pokiri 2” on board. Apart from all these projects, rumors raised in the media that Jr.NTR and Rajamouli will bring back “Simhadri 2” into the attack.

Even if these rumors may not turn true in the present situation, there is lot of scope for them to turn true in future. All the above mentioned flicks have the scope for sequels. The stories of these flicks ended like a continuous one and hence, this trend may creep more deeper into the industry in the coming days.

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