Bangaru Kodipetta Review

Rating: 1/5

Critic Rating: (1/5)

Bhanumathi Pinisetti (Swathi) works in a mall and promotes an Energy Drink. Bhanumathi is smart, hardworking and expects promotion.  Unfortunately she is removed from the job for not “helping” her manger. Harshavardhan is her manger, and he is the one who harasses and causes all the problems to Swathi. Vamsi(Navadeep) is another employee working in the mall and has crush on Swathi. Swathi comes to know about gold being transported for Festival gifts from the Energy Drink company to her mall. When Swathi is removed from her job and in financial crises she approaches Vamsi who has criminal record to execute a robbery plan.

Rest of the story is about how one conspires to cheat other to get the gold. There is another kidnap story crisscrossing the main story towards the climax.

Story about an aspiring Artist, desperately trying to get into Films and the story about two brothers having a conflict in the village, is told along with the main gold robbery story. These two stories didn’t get along well with the main story.

The relationship between Bhanumathi Pinisetti and Vamsi is also not well established; this makes the climax scene between them not very convincing.

Director takes the entire first half, just to introduce the characters. The story moves at a snail pace. The movie revolves round just one incident and the film is completely driven by the screenplay. Director tried creating suspense and holding the audience but failed. There is no relevance between the title of the film and the story of the movie.

Navadeep performed well, Swathy is impressive with her expressions and she is a big asset for the film. Harshavardan and Ram-Lakshman don’t add much to the story.

The technical department is a minus for the film.

Music and background scores are not very impressive.

Bangaru Koddipetta is not worth the time. A simple climax is turned into the entire story.


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