Bangalore Days Official trailer

The crew of Bangalore Days had promised its fans that it would be releasing its official trailer today and they did!

The full length trailer of the movie shows three lifelong friends Aju (Dulquar), Divya (Nazriya) and Krishnan (Nivin) who speak of fulfilling a dream of theirs to go to Bangalore for a vacation of a lifetime and making memories. Aju comments, “Bangalore… what a rocking city!” while a reluctant Krishnan argues, “ Our ‘ooru’ is Kerala not Bangalore”.

The narration in the trailer is by Krishnan, Nivin’s character, who describes Aju as the troublemaker, Divya as the traditional girl and himself as the teetotaler (with a hidden twinkle of course;) ).

What follows is a series of scenes of them enjoying life and a rather serious spouse (?) played by Fahad telling Divya that this was Bangalore, not Kerala.

There is a hint that Aju’s major goal or passion involves motorcycle racing, showcased in the sneak peek with some spirited reproach from a coach of sorts. There are also short glimpses of other stars in the flick like Nithya Menon, Isha Talwar and Parvathy Menon.

bangalore days 4

The visuals look stunning as does the background score that blends in seamlessly. Anjali Menon’s movie trailer however winds up with a meaningful quote by one of the friends – There is a thing called destiny and it cannot be stopped by anyone.

Fans wait eagerly for May 9.

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