Bang Bang Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

Bang Bang Movie Review: A Banging Blockbuster

Rajveer Nanda is hot and exudes style. Bang Bang will leave you feeling reeling, that Hrithik has had a banging return to the silver screen post his Krissh stint.

The official remake of Fox Star Studio’s Knight and Day, Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang with Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the lead,is the full desi take on the International blockbuster. What Tom Cruise did in Knight and Day, Hrithik has attempted to do that with Bang Bang, and Katrina is in the Cameron Diaz space aptly.

The man who is suave and uber stylish, Hrithik has always held the International icon status in the country and living up to the image, Duggu just makes you fall in love again with him. The superstar is super-sleek and the film is high on drama and not to forget action too.

Undoubtedly it is the biggest Bollywood Release worldwide with maximum screens. The USP of the film is its action .And on that front Bang Bang scores really high. Fly boarding has been used for the first time and the stunts are done well. And it becomes the first flick to have F1 cars used for action sequences.

Star Performances:

Hrithik Roshan has always been that stylish star who was flaked by the critics for his performances in his initial career, but he went on to give Bollywood Blockbusters in terms of his Franchise Krissh. Post Bang Bang things are surely going to change.His screen presence is marvelous and he looks dapper in every frame. He is charming, suave and has a body to die for .Looking uber sexy and hot, all that comes naturally to Hrithik. Rajveer alias Jai Nanda is that man girls would die for. The man with the Greek God looks does everything in style, be it fighting, eating or merely talking. He has done what Tom did in the original flick with close to perfection. No other Bollywood star could have matched to that level, but only Hrithik.

Katrina Kaif as Harleen, steps into the shoes of a bimbette with brains avatar. She does Cameron’s part very aptly. She has that charm and innocence about her and Kat doesn’t disappoint. She has got great screen presence and looks really good.

Danny Denzongpa as Omar Zafar, is scintillating. For a hero, the mere presence of a strong antagonist is a must. And Danny has always shone bright in that regard. It was after quite some time we got to see him. But we have seen Danny do better roles and deliver much better performances. With limited screentime, Omar’s character didn’t get to do much.

Javed Jaffrey is delivers a decent performance as well. We wished Jimmy Shergill had more meaty role, but he was the one who sets the plot right for the film. It was refreshing to see Deepti Naval.


A lot of labor and hard work has gone into making this film and that is clearly reflected on screen. The fruit of their labor has been borne and it is mighty sweet. Siddharth Anand’s direction has been bettering over the years. He has given us a few good films, but Bang Bang will be remembered as his best so far.

The action sequences, done with the help of International artist, Andy Armstrong, are just mind-blowing. You will have that adrenaline rush and even though you have a fair idea of the plot, you would still be hoping to see something not seen before. And even on that front, the flick shines.

The background score by Salim Sulaiman sets the tone right for the film. I was a little disappointed to find the principal score to be highly inspired by David Guetta and Martin Garrix (Listen to Animals by Garrix and Bang Bang by Guetta, and you will know what I mean).

But Vishal and Shekhar have given a highly peppy and energetic sound score. And that goes with the film. You would be feeling odd to find so many tracks, but then any Bolly flick is incomplete without some music in it.
Besides the action, the picturesque view of the most beautiful cities of the world will leave you mesmerized too. Screenplay has been done too well.

Watch or Not:

Definitely. Bang Bang, becomes a must watch, not only for it being a remake of Knight and Day, but you should watch it for Hrithik Roshan. The makers were very positive about the film and we can see that surety comes to them from where. With holiday weekend, you should grab a huge tub of popcorn and be ready for Bang Bang! It wont disappoint!

Thumbs Up: Action, Hrithik Roshan

Thumbs Down:A little too desi adaptation, a few loopholes, duration

Yawns: Not really

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