Bandla Ganesh is ready to go to jail!

Actor cum film maker Bandla Ganesh, who produced hit films like “GAV” and “Gabbar Singh”, has now stated that he is ready to go to jail. It is known that a financier named Dharam Teja filed a complaint on Bandla Ganesh that he took 80 lakhs and didn’t give him anything in return.

Bandla Ganesh Ready to go Jail

This aspect came on to the media before “GAV” release but it didn’t affect the release of this venture. Bandla Ganesh was a bit tensed before the release of this flick, due to this 80 lakhs issue. Now, he came on to the media and stated that he need not give anything to anyone and all that issue is completely fake.

In this scenario, Dharam Teja is stated to have moved a bit to fight on this aspect in larger scale. Responding on this, Ganesh stated that he is ready to go to jail if he was proved as a culprit in this

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