Bandla Ganesh praised KCR in Hitex exhibition

Bandla Ganesh KCR

Bandla Ganesh, who was a poultry farm owner, before entering into films, turned out to be a successful farmer in that domain. After achieving success, Bandla Ganesh debuted film industry and he is now one of the top producers in Tollywood.

Recently, KCR inaugurated an exhibition for poultry farmers in Hitex and Bandla Ganesh spoke on that occasion saying that KCR did a great job by inaugurating the poultry exhibition which will help several farmers.

Bandla Ganesh further mentioned that this exhibition if conducted in large scale will create more value to the state in case of poultry farming. KCR too was seen happy with the comments of Bandla Ganesh and he may further help the poultry industry to grow further in the state.

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