Ban on Anushka for Virat Kohli’s Failure?

Ban on Anushka
Ban on Anushka

The poor performance of star Indian batsman Virat Kohli had become a headache for girl friend Anushka Sharma when India lost in the semi-finals of ODI world cup to Australia.

Now, the latest series loss with South Africa has also been attributed to Anushka only. Taking to social networking sites, some of the crazy people gone ahead and asked Mumbai Cricket Association to ban Anushka from entering Wankhede stadium. They went onto allege that Kohli was not able to concentrate because the presence of his girlfriend Anushka.

On the other hand, another section has come in support of Anushka. They questioned why only Anushka has become target and why not Kohli is made responsible when Anushka’s films flop at box office.

Poor Anushka Sharma has to get the blame for Virat’s failures as most of the time he is failing whenever she makes presence.

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