Balupu Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What started with EVV’s numerous (still original though) inside jokes of the industry, our films have continued the tradition of making the whole movie experience a big effing’ inside joke, can’t think of anybody who would get any of the jokes if they are not familiar with our films at least in a 10 year radius.

The Template

Lakshmi Rai (as herself) comes to perform at a charity for orphans (Hearing this). She was wearing a revealing outfit so I kind of guessed something bad was going to happen, our films always do that. Why can’t somebody wear something a little revealing and stay safe? So, she was duped, the charity is a hoax by Rohit (Adivi Sesh) to get her to dance and calm his sexually frustrated friends. Where there are sexually frustrated people frustrated enough to chase a girl,that’s your cue, the hero’s coming. There he was, Ravi Teja in his now popular software outfit and he patiently beat up every one of them. So, that’s him, after all these years, still rescuing people and you know there is a flashback because he has a beard in the promos.

All of this is in Bangalore, also in the same town are Shruthi (Shruthi Hasan) and Crazy Mohan (Brahmanandam). This duo of niece and uncle are used to tricking people into paying their bills at pubs and coffee shops. Once they trick one of Ravi’s friends and Ravi gets back at them by (what do you call this thing our guys do) ya, torturing her for long enough that she’ll have to love him at the end of it, that point when he tells her that all this slapping chaos is a just a shell, I’m a sensitive, vulnerable and caring man on the inside.

Then there is Poorna (Ashutosh Rana) who is going around the country looking for Shankar and Nanaji. At the moment of truth (the interval scene), the elaborate truths that are revealed in these scenes, just wish for once that one character doesn’t do all the loud talking making all the expositions really uninteresting. Still was a decent exposition this one where it wasn’t just Ravi, but, his dad (Prakash Raj) also had things to reveal.


Those watching this film will in all probability be that audience familiar with the rich culture of inside jokes which now operates on a broader territory, thanks to YouTube. That being the case, this film is quite entertaining. It has a few new ways of saying the dirty thing cleanly, it has pretty female leads…that’s all actually.


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