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Bale Bale Magadivoy Review: It’s a Bhale Bhale movie with hilarious moments

Maruthi cleverly begins the movie displaying this text on screen ‘Where logic begins, drama ends’. He means to put forward to us a story which will defy logic. Hence evaluate him purely on the drama. Fine, we have turned off that switch. The movie begins and a scene is setup where the core of the film is shown crystal clear. The core is that the protagonist suffers from heavy forgetfulness and is easily diverted. The very first scene illustrates this weakness and creates a rib-tickling situation.

Nani and Lavanya Tripathi From Bale Bale Movie Sets
Nani and Lavanya Tripathi From Bale Bale Movie Sets

The next two and half hours is all about how Lucky (Nani)’s chronic forgetfulness puts him in a soup. Most of the times, he somehow manages to swim through the soup, and jump out of it. Lucky is a junior scientist and the only son of friendly parents. Nandana (Lavanya Tripathi) is a dance teacher and the daughter of a prominent scientist Ranga Rao (Murli Sharma). Like a typical introduction scene of a Tollywood heroine, Nandana is seen in a Tide-washed white salwar , helping school children cross a busy road. Of course this is followed by a love-at-first-sight song. Ranga Rao wants a perfect son-in-law, so Lucky’s weakness is the biggest hurdle now. The film doesn’t offer never-seen-before scenes but the situations it puts the protagonist in, and the way the writer Maruthi dealt with it is really clap-worthy. It might look simple at a bird’s eye view but it isn’t that simple. It all boils down to the timing and the movie gets the timing always accurately.

Bale Bale Magadivoy Movie Latest Poster
Bale Bale Magadivoy Movie Latest Poster

Nani, on the other hand improvises the character to a level, where we can confidently say that he is the best in the town to play a common man. Every human deals with a weakness, and he as Lucky dealt the weakness with great panache. He looked so comfortable in the role balancing natural acting and drama. He is pitch perfect. In fact, no other actor can be imagined in the role of Lucky delivering such flawless performance. Every frame he is part of, is almost magical. The best part of him is his versatility. He is equally effective in a comic scene as much he is a scene where he is heartbroken. With an extremely natural body language, he makes us feel that he is one of us. For instance, there is a scene where he plays carroms and slowly climbs his seat out of excitement. Any other ‘hero’ in that place would have sat in that seat in a ‘heroic’ posture. This para is probably hogging the review but its worth because of his contribution to the movie. Bhale Bhale Mogadivoi without Nani cannot be imagined for sure. Lavanya was pleasant playing her part but didn’t have a clear substantial role.

Coming to the direction, Maruthi despite having a wafer thin story line, made the viewer glued to the seats from the beginning to the pre-climax. The situational comedy is marvelous making the viewer subconsciously forgive the lack of a strong story. The last 10 minutes of the movie seemed absolutely unnecessary, but can be definitely spared because Nani could make even that part a bearable one.

The ensemble cast were in great sync too, especially Naresh and Murli Sharma. Praveen and Vennela played the sidekicks doubling the comic effect. The length seemed a tad long owing to some songs and the climax action scene. Otherwise it’s just a perfect entertainer.

All in all, it’s a Bhale Bhale movie filled with hilarious moments.

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