Search for homely model for Balayya

Search of a homely model for Balayya

  Almost all big heroines, say Bollywood imports, have acted with Balakrishna. But, they did it, after costarring with other big heroes. For the latest film Ranga Panduranga in the direction of K. Raghavendra Rao, about 12 heroines are said to be making their contribution to enhance the romantic entertainment. Who is the main heroine? Search is going on. Sources said, Balayya wants to give a fitting lesson to his counterparts. This way, he wants to go in for a new face among top models in India. In one of his films, Katrina acted as his female interest, but it was after her screen mating with Venkatesh (debut film Malleeswari). However, there is another version. Raghavendra Rao is thinking of implanting a homely girl for Balayya as the script requires it. Can the team find a homely looking model these days? Some say that all this fuss, they would again be settling for a lucky top heroine among the routine database.

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