Balakrishnudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Balakrishnudu
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Nara Rohit,Regina Cassandra,Ramya Krishnan,Vennela Kishore
Director Pavan Mallela
Music Director Mani Sharma
Production Company B Mahendra Babu; Musunuru Vamsi; Sri Vinod Nandamuri
Release Date November 24, 2017

There are a very few actors who experiment with the subjects they chose to make a movie. Choosing different subjects does not mean guaranteed success. But, it gives the actor immense respect among audience and professional satisfaction for the actor. Nara Rohit is one such actors who has more experimental movies than regular movies in his filmography. Failure or commercially underwhelming response does not bother him, it seems. He has lost his track with the movies he is choosing now a days and they are seeming regular. Appatlo Undevaadu is his last success at box office and his next two films did not fare well. He is now coming with out and out commercial movie under the direction of Raju Mallela in the name of “Balakrishnudu”. Let’s see how it works on us.


Balakrishnudu Movie HD Stills
Balakrishnudu Movie HD Stills

Prathapa Reddy (Ajay) who is on a mission to take vengeance on Raveendar Reddy and his sister Bhanumathi (Ramya Krishna). Bhanumathi promises to her brother to keep his motives and social interests alive. Prathap reddy gets arrested on the murder charges of Raveendar Reddy and Bhanumathi gets alerted when she hear the news of Prathap Reddy’s release and she tries her best to save Aadhya (Regina Cassandra) and she happens to meet Balu (Nara Rohit) in that time who is her protector aka body guard. What are the motives of Raveendar Reddy? What is the clash between Prathap Reddy and Raveendar Reddy? How Bhanumathi and Balu save Aadhya from Prathap Reddy? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and performance

Nara Rohit who used to act in off beat characters has done a nice job in portraying the character of Balu. He is at ease in some commercial aspects. Regina Cassandra is superb in acting as well as in looking. Ramya Krishna who played an important role in the name of Bhanumathi is terrific. She is an added advantage to this movie. Ajay who portrayed antagonist role is superb and he seemed somewhat routine in his mannerisms. Prudhvi has done nice job in generating laughs whenever he is on screen. All other actors did nice job according to their given roles.

Writing Departments

Nara Rohit and Regina in Balakrishnudu
Nara Rohit and Regina in Balakrishnudu

Story of this Balakrishnudu is simple and made in a very commercial way. Screenplay is mediocre and dialogues are good.

Technical departments

Balakrishnudu Telugu movie songs composed by Mani Sharma are good and actress Raasi Khanna’s Thariraraa is instant chartbuster.

We all know that Mani Sharma is the king in scoring background score and he proves his knack again with this movie by making every movie impactful. The film cinematography is good and editing could be more better. Action sequences are composed well and production values are rich.


Nara Rohit as Balu
Mani Sharma’s background music


Routine story


Balakrishnudu is all about keeping a man’s dreams and daughter alive from the enemies he made with his good and socially helpful behaviour. He may have died but his sister in the name of Bhanumathi always strives and works in that aspect. Director Pawan Mallela tried his best to narrate the movie in a very commercial way in every possible way and he is succeeded in some way but failed in choosing a right script for that. He has succeeded in showing Nara Rohit in a never before seen way and he used him commercially despite his flaws. Somehow audience who expect to see Nara Rohit in a different way feels disappointed after this movie. Whatever the result, Nara Rohit who never tried out and out commercial film has tried with this and audience get to see him in a very new way like every other hero.

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