Balakrishna’s No Objection for Lakshmi’s NTR

Ram Gopal Varma is the first person to openly evince interest in making a biopic on the life of Sr NTR. Later, due to several other reasons, he took a backstage but is back now with an exciting project titled as Lakshmi’s NTR. RGV claims that his movie will begin where Balakrishna ends his movie with NTR Mahanayakudu.

Balakrishna and RGV
Balakrishna and RGV

Meanwhile, a lot of people are making comments on both the movies but finally Balakrishna also broke his silence on the project being made by Balakrishna. NBK made it clear that he is completely unaware of what Ram Gopal Varma is going to show in his movie.

Ram Gopal Varma also clarified that RGV can do a movie as per his freedom and he will have no objections. Balakrishna also confirmed that RGV did not approach him.

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