Balakrishna – The one who lost a lot due to Chakri’s death!

NBK at Chakri Death

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna is the one who lost the maximum due to Chakri’s death in Tollywood film industry. Balakrishna himself revealed this aspect saying that he got the best music in his career from Chakri. He further mentioned that he is a fan of this music director.

It is a fact that Chakri gave the best music in “Simha”. Music turned out to be the main highlight for that venture and the background roaring score too elevated the flick to a new level. Chakri is considered to be a pioneer in coming up with powerful music tracks which suits Balakrishna.

Compared to all the heroes, Balakrishna is the one who selects powerful stories and Chakri is the one who can do justice with respect to music to his venture. In this scenario, Chakri’s death will be a big loss for Balakrishna in future. Balakrishna expressed condolence on the death of music director Chakri.

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