Balakrishna fans to oppose Jr.NTR’s Rabhasa!

Young Tiger Jr.NTR is now facing the heat of Nandamuri Fans. Recently, Balakrishna fans association members stated that they won’t support Jr.NTR’s “Rabasa” till he joins hands with Balakrishna by saying sorry for all the past disturbances.


It is known that Balakrishna expected Jr.NTR to support TDP during elections time. In spite of the statement from TDP that Jr.NTR will be joining the campaigning, Young Tiger didn’t turn up for the promotion of the party. Balakrishna too felt bad about it. Even his fans are feeling the same about this aspect.

After elections, “Rabhasa”, is the first flick from Jr.NTR’s side. Now fans of Balakrishna are planning to counter attack with ‘No Support’ tag to Jr.NTR’s “Rabhasa”. It is now up to Jr.NTR on the aspect of how he will try to please Nandamuri fans especially Balakrishna’s fans associations.

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