Balakrishna As ‘BoBo’

Balakrishna is the most loved personality in the netizen world and everyone wants to associate him with every possible cinema that releases, even if it belongs to other heroes. We have seen that happening with even the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avatar’.

Latest, Balayya has been associated with ‘Robo’ in the internet and the well-known Facebook site has been seeing a lot of clicks on a particular still of Balayya. It has been titled ‘Bow Bow’ and there is an fascinating caption to it. Speed- 1 KBPS and Memory: 1 Byte.

The new still of Balayya has been making waves and while most of them are having a hearty laugh about it, some are saying that imagining Balayya in this format sounds like an fascinating spoof for ‘Robo’. Overall, ‘Bo Bo’ is making more records than the original ‘Robo’ right now in the internet zone.

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