Balakrishna apologizes for his abusive comments on Women

Nandamuri Balakrishna has earned a good will as the MLA of Hindupur but of late Balayya is often making headlines for his quirky acts. After his usage of cuss words before media and controversial statements over not inviting Chiru for Lepakshi Utsavalu, his speech at Nara Rohit’s Savitri audio launch has now become highly controversial. As a part of his speech, he said that- If you like a girl, you should either kiss her or impregnate her.

Balakrishna apologizes
Balakrishna apologizes

Balakrishna is being criticized in social media for those demeaning lines.However, now Balakrishna has apologized for his comments on girls during Savitri audio launch event, and he released a statement regarding this issue. Balakrishna expressed that he respects women and apologized for his comments by stating that he treats all women on par with his family members.

Balakrishna said, “My comments, made during the audio release of Telugu movie Savitri, were not intentional. They were not intended towards anybody. If anybody got annoyed by my remarks, I apologize to them. Balakrishna further stated that he has high regard for women. “I have utmost respect for women. I treat any woman as my own sister. It is a tradition I acquired from my father NTR. I never show disrespect to the members of the fairer sex.”

Balakrishna even explained that he had made those comments while explaining the plot and storyline that is regularly picked for his movies as per the taste of his fans. And a short while ago, Loksatta Party founder Jayaprakash Narayan shared a poster of Balakrishna and his controversial lines from speech and demanded him to apologize unconditionally. Well, let us see how this issue turns out to be.

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