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Bahumati is a complete family drama adapted from a Hollywood movie It could happen to you . It comes with perfect SV Krishna Reddy brand, but its overall effect gives a feeling that it is not chiseled well to suit the Telugu audience.


Venkat Ramana (Venu) is an honest cop with progressive thinking. His wife Banumati (Sangeetha) is a big nuisance as she continuously troubles her husband to take up unjust methods to earn more and more money and gain status in society. Venkat is reluctant to carry out his wife’s rules. One day, Banumathi takes the husband on an outing and makes him buy a lottery ticket. Later, Venkat realizes that he has no money to pay the hotel bill. He requests the waitress there (Shabna Khan) to let him go. His promise is that he would give her fifty percent of the lottery money, if he wins. Really, he wins and parts with five crores of rupees in the favor of the waitress much to the dislike of his wife. From then onwards, his real problems crop up. How does Venkat overcome all that? Screen-watch is the answer.


Venu performed the role of the victim of wife extremely well. Sangeetha, as an amusing and money-hungry wife, is  good selection. New heroine Shabana Khan makes a glam doll. She has the energy to last long as a promising actress. Krishna Bhagawan’s pranks with his spouse are nice. The comedy thread between Brahmanandam and Ali is routine not that impressive. Performance by Kota and Sunil are good. Ali and Sunil have danced much to the relief of the spectators.

Technical Values

SV Krishna Reddy, with his story, screenplay, direction and music, served well to evoke some laughter, but most part of his efforts run in the loop line. The first half is passable, but the second half throws its weight on the audience nerves. Sentiment is dealt with skill in the climax through the reformation of wife, who sheds her love for riches and comprehends the importance of wife-husband relationship. Dialogues are average. A punch line comparing wife to a mobile is interesting. Songs and music are mediocre.



Bahumathi has some base with women audience in B and C centers.c

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