Bahubali getting support from Europe!

Rajamouli’s “Bahubali” is now getting some funding from the Europe based distributions company Colors Media Entertainment. It seems that this media house bought the UK rights of “Bahubali” fetching lumpsum amount.

Prabhas Bahubali Photos

It is known that “Bahubali” is being made with a budget of 180 Crores. In this scenario, this flick needs to exude atleast this amount in the form of rights to the film makers. Remaining share in the collections will be the profit to the film unit. As the budget is high, film unit is now busy selling the overseas rights to top distribution firms.

For UK, Colors Media Entertainment bagged the rights pouring hefty price. In US and India, the prices for the rights are expected to be on the skies. “I” can be a close competitor to “Bahubali” and Rajamouli may fix the rights prices seeing “I” distribution prices.

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