Bad Experience For Samantha While Watching Baahubali-2

Star actress of Tollywood, Samantha Ruth Prabhu has praised heaps on Baahubali recently. But a recent incident of her in the Baahubali 2 theater is now shocking many.

Samantha- Baahubali 2
Samantha- Baahubali 2

Celebrities generally watch movies in a special premier or their home theaters with top notch comfort. They generally won’t go to regular theaters for many reasons and here comes a big example of such reasons. Samantha went to watch Baahubali-2 with her foundation kids of about 40 members. As the movie has begun, within 30 minutes, the AC inside the theater was broken. As a result, she went out without watching the movie, but the children watched the movie with suffocation. This incident came out lately and reached press and media along with the team of Baahubali. It’s noted that the so-called theater management had apologized to Samantha in this issue.

But her patience kept her calm, and she watched the movie again in her comfort zone and enjoyed the flick. The team of Baahubali is now feeling uneasy after knowing about this issue.

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