Babu is neutral on T-state!

The Telugu Desam president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Tuesday said he remains neutral with regard to the demand for bifurcation of the state.

“I belong to both the regions. I have said this in the past and I am saying it again. I am adopting a neutral stand. I need to protect my party in both the regions (Telangana and Seemandhra),” he said. TD leaders from both regions have a free hand to act according to public sentiments, he added.

He blamed the state government for its failure to take precautionary measures after the Sakala Janula Samme mass agitation by government employees in the Telangana region was announced. This has caused hardships for everyone-the common man, farmers reeling under power cuts and high fertiliser prices, and industries that have lost days of production “The Centre and state governments have miserably failed to address public issues. Farmers are losing standing crops. They have to be compensated. People are penalised for no fault of theirs,” he said.(DC)

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